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JSPIN (Japan SPorts business INitiative) is a platform established by the Japan Sports Agency to promote collaboration between Japanese and overseas sports industries. Japan is creating new value for the world by offering a wide range of excellent products and services in sports technology and fitness health. JSPIN provides opportunities for networking between sports industry in Japan and around the world.

About Us

What is JSPIN?

Overview of JSPIN

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What We Do

JSPIN supports information sharing and creates network with Japanese companies and organizations.

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Data and Reports

Activities of Japanese Companies

This section introduces some outstanding activities of Japanese companies and organizations in the sports business, including sports × health, education, disaster management, international cooperation, DX, and league club management.

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Interviews & Columns

Experts and representatives from private enterprises who possess knowledge and expertise in international development provide latest information.

Cambodian Premier League CEO SAITO Satoshi says world needs Japan’s human resources and knowhow

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White Paper on Sport in Japan 2020 (SASAKAWA SPORTS FOUNDATION)

This paper on Japanese sports providing a detailed data-based analysis of the present state of sports in Japan. This is an essential resource for people engaged in sports, written and analyzed by more than 70 researchers and practitioners based on the latest data from Japan and overseas. It covers a variety of subjects like Japan’s sports policy, the sports industry, regional revitalization, international development through sports, etc.

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Sports Industry Online Business Meeting 2023

The Japan Sports Agency has organized the Sports Industry Online Business Meeting 2023, from February 7th to 9th 2023, to create matching opportunities between exhibitors from Japan and buyers and organizations from ASEAN member states, Australia and New Zealand.

▶︎Seminar Video - Japan’s Sport Industry and Policies

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Director of Sports Industry Office, Service Affairs Policy Division, Commerce and
Service Industry Policy Group


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